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Tools for your journey




Tuesdays & Thursdays:

5:15 - 6:15pm  Juniors 9+

6:30 - 8:00pm  Adults

Highly effective and flowing martial art that brings about a speedy conclusion to aggression, with the option to minimize damage to the attacker. Also known as "the art of peace".


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Incorporation of canes in combat - training to build adaptable reflex clusters. Add to your current skillset or start your learning here. "The Art within the Art"


Offered throughout the year

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  • Women's Self Defense

  • Defensive Tactics for healthcare workers 
    and first responders

  • Disarms and take-aways

  • AikiFlow: Martial movement

  • Stretch & Breathe

  • Musogi for Practitioners

  • Shiatsu Bodywork

Private groups, corporate events, & personal coaching also available



We believe that everyone has the ability to transcend his or her present struggle. Raincoast Martial Arts is passionate about offering significant tools to help on that journey. 



Raincoast Martial Arts offers a safe place to learn and explore.  We offer private group instruction as well as the publicly offered courses and workshops.


The underlying goal of training is less about fighting and more about mastering the self. …

(physical and emotional... dynamics in relationships... physical expression....boundaries...highlights areas needing change... confidence and calm in stressful situations.


A new student might start a martial art for a number of reasons, but eventually they realize that the deeper reason has become one of forging the self. That is where RMA's logo, the symbol of the koi, comes in.


Over time koi have become symbolic of overcoming and persevering through adversity. In fact, the Yellow River in China has a waterfall called the Dragon’s Gate - where the legend is that if a koi manages to swim up the waterfall it becomes a dragon - hard work transforming into greatness of being. The koi fish symbolize and honour the effort itself - which is discovered at the end to be more valuable than the achievement.


The path of Budo is transformation through great effort and diligence; accomplishment through striving.  At RMA this is why we train. We enjoy the practice, we value the development of our skill, but at the core it is gong fu: "attainment through hard work", and the striving of the koi that defines why we do what we do.




Located at:

7210 Market Street

Port Hardy, BC  V0N 1P0

(entrance on Hastings)

Tel: 250-949-0627 text or call



Mon:   Private classes/events

Tues:  5:00pm - 9pm

​​Wed:   Private classes/events

Thur:  5:00pm - 9pm

Fri:      ​Private classes/events

Sat & Sun:

Workshops and special events

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